April Birthstone - Diamond

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Diamond the Birthstone of Those Born on April

Those who are born in the month of April are lucky enough to get diamonds–the most prized of

all gemstones–as their birthstone. Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors thus they are not

only limited to white and these include pink, yellow, blue, purple, green, and pink to name a

few. The color is dependent on the types of impurities present in the stone. For example, a

blue diamond contains boron while yellow ones contain nitrogen.

The Physical Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds are made from pure carbon atoms that are bonded strongly, making it the hardest

stone on the planet. Because diamonds are considered as the toughest mineral in the world, it

is viewed for its beauty as well as its power to mirror light in a dazzling fashion. This gemstone

displays a huge amount of fire and brilliance; thus, it sparkles a lot and maintains a polished

look through the years.

The shininess of diamonds basically comes from the combination of refraction, dispersion, and

reflection of light. When light passes through this gemstone, it either bends or refracts the light.

The bent light is mirrored via a facet that is found at the top or underbelly of the gemstone. On

the other hand, when refraction happens, the ray of light is turned at different angles thus light

is dispersed differently all throughout the stone. In fact, diamonds possess the highest index of

refraction among other gemstones, making it the most sparkly of them all.

To add more beauty to the diamond, jewelers cut it in such a way that refraction of light is

improved. The brilliant cut is often used to create many facets, displaying a play of light within

the gemstone. But aside from looking at its physical properties, didn’t you know that

diamonds are highly prized as the month of April’s birthstone?

The History of Diamonds as April’s Birthstone

It is really uncertain how specific months of the years became connected to different

gemstones. But it was speculated by gemstone experts that the origin of birthstones dates back

to the biblical times. Archaeological findings found that priests in the ancient times wear

breastplates that are decorated with 12 colored gems, it then became associated with the

zodiac and months of the year.

Further, people in the old times started wearing different colored stones every month as a good

luck charm. They believed that various gemstones give magical powers to individuals born

within a particular month. Thus, people started to wear specific stones associated with their

birth month.

But how did the month of April get diamond as its birthstone? It was in 1912 when the

American National Association of Jewelers made a record linking specific gemstones to each

specific month of the year. What was thought to be controversial because of its commercial

benefit was soon accepted as the official birthstone list.

The Significance of Diamond as A Birthstone

The diamond is one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones in the world. With its rare

and unique beauty, it symbolizes purity and innocence. Hafiz, the famed Persian poet, noted

that “rainbows are confined inside a diamond” because of the way it glimmers and shimmers

when the light hits it. This gemstone also symbolizes love and fidelity—making it the best

gemstone to give if you want to profess your undying commitment to your beloved. This is also

the reason why diamonds are preferred gemstones for engagement and wedding rings.

The Ancient Greeks have considered diamonds as the solid form of the tears wept by the gods

in Mt. Olympus. While the Ancient Romans imagined that they were pieces of the stars’ outer

rings that have fallen into the earth.

Being born in the month of April makes you lucky because your birthstone is the most prized

and hardest of all gemstones. In fact, “vajra” is diamond in Sanskrit which also means

“lightning.” Vajra was the armament used by the God Indra in Hindu mythology. And the king of

the gods is Indra.

Definitely, diamonds are the king of all gemstones. That’s why this also reflects the

characteristics of people who are born in April. In Astrology, people who are born in April have

very interesting characteristics and they have something completely unique to them just like

diamonds. They are very independent, and they don’t back down easily. Just like diamonds,

people who are born on April are very resilient. They are also full of life and dislike pretentions.

These qualities are also found in diamonds–simple, hard, and raw.

The Benefits of Wearing Diamonds by Those Born on April

Not only are diamonds pretty gemstones. They are believed to possess magical powers that can

help the wearer in many aspects of his or her life. In Hinduism, the diamond is said to activate

the chakra #7, Sahasrara, thereby merging the body and mind. It is also believed to open

various doors of the spiritual realm—thus, representing truth.

Wearing diamonds is also believed to enhance the life of its wearer in so many ways. Because

of the clear color of the gemstone, it brings clarity to people who wear them. Clarity presents

positive outcomes to difficulties. By achieving clarity, what follows is the improvement in one’s

energy, growth process, and life in general. It is trusted to fill in negative spaces only with love

and purity; thereby, helping you to achieve your aspirations and dreams. Since it has the ability

to purify the body, it was used to treat different ailments in the ancient times. During the

Middle Ages, diamonds were used as healing crystals to treat people who have problems with

their pituitary glands and brain.

You can benefit more from your birthstone if you wear it dangling on your neck or as a ring on

your left hand. The thing is, there are so many benefits that you can get if you wear your April

birthstone. This gemstone attracts abundance, power, strength, fortitude, courage,

imagination, harmony, faithfulness, self-respect, innocence, and a relationship full of pure love.